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Peace of Mind

Ebotse is renowned for its state-of-the-art security which underpins the safe, secure and tranquil family living on the estate.

Security personnel are of the highest calibre, including our level 4 response officers who are also qualified level 4 paramedics. Ebotse has invested heavily in its security detail, including stringent access and visitor control, audio-visual security technology, permanent on-site senior management and public area policing.Our unique safety and security measures include:

  • - A 16- strand, high-powered electrified fence, zoned with integrated CCTV monitoring at all four estate gates for perimeter protection.The electric fence is monitored per zone and supported by the latest hardware and software technology.
  • - High-definition camera monitoring at all four access gates, including the main recreational facilities.
  • - Highly qualified estate security personnel, including A-grade mobile and armed response officers who are also level 4 paramedic-qualified.
  • - Permanent after hours senior security site managers who operate on three shifts to ensure our staff remain fresh, vigilent, accountable and accessible to our residents at all times.