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Estate Management
& Home Owners Association

Ebotse has an active Home Owners Association (HOA) that plays an integral part in ensuring the growth and success of the estate, regularly coordinates resident events and provides the attention to detail that residents demand. One of the hallmarks of the estate is the use of advanced communications technology by the HOA to communicate with homeowners and investors.

Beyond its security, privacy and unique tranquillity, Ebotse Golf & Country Estate is differentiated in the local property market by being one of the most progressively run and managed estates.There is strict adherence to standards within the estate and protecting the integrity of the Ebotse brand and our property owners is paramount.Our financial stability and management is exceptional not only in today’s terms, but also insofar as building up reserves to ensure that future requirements can be met and standards sustained.


Telephone: 087 285 3562


Estate Manager: Claire Westaway